Tsēmā Igharas longlisted for Sobey Art Award

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Sobey Art Foundation and the National Gallery of Canada announced changes to the Sobey Art Award program for 2020.

The award program announced on April 15, 2020 that it was cancelling the selection of a five artist shortlist, the annual shortlist exhibition, the final winner announcement gala and the International Residencies Program. This year, each of the 25 artists on the jury-selected longlist will be awarded $25,000 instead of the previous programming.

Emily Carr University alumni were among the longlist including Tsēmā Igharas (BFA 2011). “I’m in shock and incredibly honoured,” said Tsēmā. “This announcement to restructure the Sobey Art Award is a blessing to all the artists on the longlist and I am grateful to share this gift with them.”

Tsēmā’s practice uses Potlatch methodology to create conceptual artwork connecting materials to mine sites and bodies to the land. She received the Emily Award in 2018.

“Łān Mēduh (Tāłtān for much thanks) to Natasha Chaykowski for the nomination,” she continued, “I want to thank the Sobey Art Award and National Gallery of Canada for supporting the artists on this list and the arts industry in Canada. This action is a microcosm of hope and love for the arts and beyond. Congratulations to all my fellow artists on the longlist as well.”