AGP Exhibitions

2022 Currents
An Exhibition of Indigenous Artists, Students, Faculty and Staff at Emily Carr University

Co-curated by students Zoe Laycock and Aaron Rice

Currents Digital Exhibition Catalogue

2021 Beyond Now
An Exhibition of Indigenous Artists, Students, Faculty and Staff at Emily Carr University

Beyond Now Digital Exhibition Catalog

Curators Statement

Beyond now, the exhibition, was a way to extend and build community in this time of isolation. This pandemic year made the AGP exhibition a unique experience in comparison to previous years. There was a feeling of disconnect since we were not able to engage with all of the artists face to face. As the artworks were being brought in and laid out, their diversity in materials, mediums and narratives together evoked a feeling of strength and kinship. It created a space of connection through art.

Beyond now is an idea of both futurisms and the present. It is inclusive of the moment and the imaginings of a time yet to come. The Artists’ works are as diverse as our community ranging from paintings, design, mixed media, film, to photography, weaving and beading. Indigenous communities have creation teachings, living in the present teachings and living for future generations teachings that guide how we approach everyday living.

COVID 19 has shifted and forced significant change. We have all adapted to a different way of living with much of the focus being on the present. The continuation of this annual exhibition, adapting to the changes brought by the pandemic, allowed us to exhibit the resilience and talent of our Indigenous community at ECU. It was honor to be part of making that happen and create a space where we could be surrounded by each other’s stories and teachings.

Exhibition Statement

As we navigate through a time of uncertainty, we are able to find connection, community and culture through this collection of artworks by Emily Carr University’s Indigenous students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Living mindful with future generations at the forefront. Our Indigenous ancestors taught us a mindful way of taking care of our surroundings and others. This exhibition explores living towards the future. Our ancestors thought beyond the present with future generations in mind.  As we live in a time of uncertainty, what do you see beyond now? What do you hope for beyond now?

Featuring artists from many regions, Beyond Now presents a widespread of experiences and visions that broaden perspectives and ignite the spirit.

2013 Aboriginal Student Exhibition

Aboriginal students organize and curate an annual Aboriginal Student Art Exhibit in the Concourse Gallery. The exhibition provides a forum for Aboriginal students to express and celebrate their traditional and/or contemporary art practices. Aboriginal students gain valuable experience by organizing this unique cultural event which includes communicating with Aboriginal guest speakers, designing promotional materials, and installing the exhibition. Each Aboriginal guest speaker has a dynamic voice and experience which invokes discussion and inspires cross cultural awareness.

Totally Legit Native Art
Concourse Gallery
March 15 – 22, 2013

Opening Night Celebration
March 15 at 5pm

Curated by Xch’e’ Balam, Raven John and Ryan McKenna





2012 Aboriginal Student Exhibition

I Like Your Status was curated by Aboriginal students Lou-ann Neel, Raven John and Agnes Seaweed Wisden.

2011 Aboriginal Student Exhibition

Grand Entry was curated by Aboriginal students Adrienne Greyeyes, Emma Kesler, Jennifer Chong and Michelle Sound Perich and featured work in both the Concourse Gallery and the Aboriginal Gathering Place.