Application to Undergraduate Degree Programs

Emily Carr encourages applications from individuals with demonstrated ability in visual arts, media arts, or design who have the dedication and motivation to further develop that ability. Admission to the degree program is competitive and is based on a rigorous assessment of the applicant’s portfolio, academic transcripts, and written responses to a set of questions. Applicants to Emily Carr will be ranked according to their portfolio score (70%) plus their academic standing (30%). For more information on admission requirements and deadlines, please visit¬† Undergraduate Admissions.

Application for admission must be completed online and applicable fees must be paid by credit card at the time of submission. Applicants who identify themselves as Aboriginal and who do not meet the standard academic requirements are automatically reviewed by the Aboriginal Admissions Committee. Please read the policy below.

Aboriginal Admission Policy

Emily Carr is dedicated to providing access and support for all applicants and particularly under represented populations. The University has approved an Aboriginal Admissions Policy to encourage applications from Aboriginal individuals with an interest in pursuing studies in Art, Media or Design at the post secondary level.

Emily Carr will consider Aboriginal applicants who do not meet the current academic standing required for admission to Foundation (first year) or on transfer. Applicants will be considered on an individual basis by assessing their educational background, cultural knowledge, work experience, academic goals, personal achievements and current portfolio.

Each applicant must submit two letters of reference from persons able to assess the potential for success at Emily Carr. The applicant must also submit a statement outlining their academic and artistic objectives and how they can be achieved by attending the University.

Each applicant applying under the Aboriginal Admissions Policy will be evaluated by the Aboriginal Admissions Committee. The committee will have the authority to select students for admission and determine if specific conditions are required. Such conditions can include but are not limited to: course load requirement, tutor support, writing centre consultation and peer mentoring.


Your portfolio is your personal introduction to those reviewing applications for admission to art/design programs, work opportunities or grant applications. This collection of your artwork is a critical component to your application to Emily Carr University of Art + Design. All applicants must submit a portfolio as part of the admission process. Your portfolio represents the state of your creative development and demonstrates your achievement potential and commitment to studio art, media and design and counts as 70% of your admission score.

Your portfolio should have both technical skill and conceptual content. Applicants should have the ability to apply technical skills in a diverse and interesting way. Diversity within the portfolio means that you have a variety of work that indicates your creative thinking and represents a variety of interests. Concepts should reflect your culture, community and the world around you, and should include work that shows how you developed an idea into a finished piece.

  • Visualization Skills: include drawings from your observations, imagination and/or memory (rather than only from photographs); preparatory drawings for a design or art project; documentation of preparatory models for a 3-D project; or a storyboard for a film, video or animation.
  • Composition and Colour: include work that shows you understand the basic principles of 2-D and 3-D composition, such as positive and negative space, contrast, balance, and shapes. Show works that reflect your understanding and use of colour.
  • Time-Based Work: you may include work that is sequential, shows storyboarding, or shows documentation of a performance that you were involved in. Time based work is NOT to exceed 3 minutes.
  • Use of Materials: include works that show your level of skill in handling a range of materials, such as charcoal, clay, computer images, film, ink, metal, paint, video, wood, etc.

Emily Carr only accepts portfolios that have been submitted online at SlideRoom. Please visit our portfolio requirements page for more detailed information.