Urban Access 2019

Emily Carr Urban Access to Aboriginal Art

Urban Access is a program designed to provide an opportunity for Aboriginal people living in urban areas to access and explore traditional and contemporary Aboriginal art forms and materials. The intergenerational participants will reflect a diverse representation of our urban Aboriginal community.
The program focuses on developing, promoting and perpetuating cultural material practice and technical skills. Participants will explore and apply their own cultural context to the design of their projects. The tangible outcomes include a diverse range of objects created from traditional and contemporary materials including : Drum Making, Cedar Basketry, Beadwork, Moose Hair Tufting, and Printmaking.
Urban Access will be hosted in the Emily Carr Aboriginal Gathering Place and is dedicated to promoting Aboriginal identity in a respectful, safe, and culturally welcoming venue that reflects Aboriginal philosophies and values.

Applications are open to Aboriginal applicants aged 15 and over. Applications can be emailed (msound@ecuad.ca) or faxed ((604) 844-3089) by May 15, 2019.